Hirado Isrand

Hirado Isrand, situated at the westernmost tip of Kyushu, is oriented northeast to southwest, with a rocky 32-kilometer coastline. It is a treasure trove of nature, and draws visitors searching for the mysteries of its many historical sites stretching back to the 1st century.

hirado Kawachi Pass Kawachi Pass

This beautiful grassland, representative of Nagasaki prefecture, stretches for about 30 hectares at an elevation of over 200 meters. The panorama from the pass is spectacular, with Iki and Tsushima islands visible in the distance. You can look out over Furue Bay, the Kofuji, Ikitsuki and Oshima islands, and the Saikai National Park.

Hirado azaleas

Hirado azaleas have a rich variety of shape and color, and are cultivated nationwide as gorgeous and elegant variety.

Mt.Shijiki Mt.Shijiki

With an elevation of 347 meters, this ancient andesite mountain is well known for its sharp point.

Neshiko-no-Hama Beach Neshiko-no-Hama Beach

Selected one of the “88 Best
Swimming Beaches in Japan,” the
white sands stretch for about a kilometer and attract visitors from far away.

Hanmoto Camping Site Hanmoto Camping Site

Enjoy natural spring water and the stunning view from the bungalows. The perfect place to enjoy both land and sea!

Tai-no-hana Park Tai-no-hana Park

Tai-no-hama is the name give to the ridge running from Mt. Amatake,the highest peak in Hirado, toward the south.

tabira White magnolia at the former site of Umi Temple(1,000-year old tree)

15 meters tall and with a girth of 2.2 meters, this magnolia tree seems to fill the sky with white blossoms.

Tabira Insect Park Tabira Insect Park

Environments reproducing the fields and streams of country Japan allow vistors to observe insects and other organisms in their natural surroundings.

Data 0950 57 3348/Hours:9:00 to 17:00/Closed:Mon., Dec.29 to Jan. 3/Parking available

Tabira Park Tabira Park

The park is popular for its sports facilities, field athletic equipment and the 52-meter long roller side.

ikitsuki Obae Lighthouse

This white lighthouse, rising 80 meters above the cliffs of Obae, is unmanned, but the observation deck offers a beautiful view to the horizon.

Obae Lighthouse
Sunset Way Sunset Way

The road from Tachiura to Shiodawara is nicknamed “Sunset Way”, and is a great place to watch the sun setting into the East China Sea.

Shiodawara cliffs Shiodawara cliffs

Shaped into bizarre columns, Shiodawara stretches for about 500 meters and rises to as high as about 20 meters. They were carved by the pounding waves of the Genkai Sea.

Terraced paddies Terraced paddies

This pastoral scene, with brilliant constrast between the blue of the sea and the green terraces, changes with the seasons.

Oga cliffs Oga cliffs

Situated at the eastern tip of Oshima Island, there is a campgroud at the nearby grassland. The view is spectacular.

Wind power Wind power

Giant windmills stand at various sites throughout Hirado, turning the ocean breezes into electricity.