Map of Island Welcome to HIRADO

View Larger Map Bridge Hirado Bridge
Hirado bridge The red span is the gateway to Hirado Island
The bridge,linking Hirado Isrand to the Tabira district,was completed in 1977.The truss suspension design has a total lenght of 665 meters,with a main span of 465.4 meters and a width of 10.7 meters.It is suspended 30 meters above sea level.

Ikitsuki Bridge
Ikitsuki bridge A sky-blue bridge with the scent of the tide
Opened in 1991, the bridge connects Hirado and Ikitsuki islands.It has a total length of 960 meters, a width of 6.5 meters, and is 31 meters above sea level.The truss design consists of an 800-meter span divided into three sections, and the central 400-meter span is the longest in the world of this type.
Ships Oshima Ferry
The scent of the tide and the surf spray This ferry connecting Hirado Island,Oshima Island and the Tabira district entered service in December 2005, offering views of a variety of tourist sites, including the natural monument Kuroko Island, and yokoshima,which was so important in the history of the Dutch Trading House.
Oshima Ferry
Lodging facilities
    Name Telephone
Area code:0950
Hotels and inns Hirado Hiradokaijyo Hotel 22-3800
Hotel Kishotei 22-3191
Hirado Senrigahama Spa Hotel Ranpu 23-2111
Hirado Wakigawa Hotel 23-2488
Ryotei Saigetsuan 21-8811
Kairakuen Hotel 23-3791
Tanoura Hot Spring Hotel 22-2241
Otsubo Hotel 22-2155
Imoto Hotel 22-2719
Hotel Kimie 23-2997
Shiratake hot Spring Hotel 22-2517
Aoyagi Hotel 28-0006
Tsukamoto Hotel 28-0008
New Hiradojima Hotel 27-0247
Nishikawa Hotel 27-0006
Wataya inn 25-2357
Tabira Tabira-hiradoguch Youth Hostel Grass Hotel 57-1443
Azumaya Bekkan 57-1965
Kitaura Hotel 57-0515
Yayoi Hotel 57-0173
Ikitsuki Todaya Hotel 53-1027
Ogawaya Hotel 53-1010
Suminoe Hotel 53-0018
Kutata Bekkan 53-1520
Higashitofuya Inn 53-0158
Ikezuki Inn 53-0011
Yamaya Hotel 53-0177
Ebisuya Inn 53-2102
Oshima Isaribikan 26-6100
Kantoya Inn 55-2005
    Name Telephone
Area code:0950
Business Hotel Hirado Business Hotel Hirado 22-4477
Business Sky Sea Hotel 23-2400
Tabira EI 57-1696
People's inn Hirado Minshuku Fukumi 25-2008
Minshuku Ginrinso 23-2393
Western-style Minshuku Chapel in Firando 23-2282
Minshuku Tobiuo 22-3628
Minshuku Hamayu 22-3078
Minshuku Kaiboso 22-3152
Minshuku Hamamotoso 27-1032
Minshuku Nishihamaso 27-1062
Minshuku Satoyoshi 27-2150
Minshuku Kozaki 27-0441
Minshuku Kuriyama 27-0233
Minshuku Maruginso 29-1006
Minshuku Marumiyaso 29-1511
Minshuku Miyajima 29-1231
Tabira Minshuku Azumaya 57-0131
Minshuku Kuromon 57-1280
Minshuku Matsuzaki 57-0154
Oshima Minshuku Komatsuya 55-2929
Minshuku Miyauchi 55-2012