Sightseeing in HIRADO

by car

Four courses to suit your goals and style! Tour at your own pace!

Half-day course Michi-no-Eki “Konchu-no-Sato Tabira” → Hirado Bridge → Kawachi Pass → Ikitsuki Bridge → Sunset Way → Shiodawara Cliffs → Obae Lighthouse
One-day course Michi-no-Eki “Konchu-no-Sato Tabira” → Tabira Insect Park → Hirado Bridge →
Hirado Castle → Kawachi Pass → Ikitsuki Bridge → Shima-no-Yakata → Sunset Way → Shiodawara Cliffs → Obae Lighthouse
Half-day church
Tabira Catholic → St.Francis Xavier Memorial Church → Hoki Catholic Church → Himonosashi Catholic Church → Yamada Catholic Church
Leisurely sea
Depart Hirado Port → Arrive Oshima Village → Korean Well → Hira-no-Tsuji Agricultural Park→ Oga Cliffs → Regional Historical Museum → Street in the Konoura district → Depart Oshima Village → Arrive Hirado Port
on foot
Hirado Port Exchange Praza --- Scene with church and temples --- Grave of Lord Soyo --- St.Francis Xavier Memorial Church --- Giant cycad --- Hexagonal Well --- Matsura Historical Museum --- Arm bath and footbath --- Hirado Port Exchange Plaza

2-hour course also available.

by taxi
■1.5-hour/6,500 yen course ■2-hour/8,500 yen course ■3-hour/12,700 yen course
Check with the Hirado Tourist Association for details. / Fees do not include admission.
■Silver Taxi Tel:0950-23-8600 ■Mambo Taxi Tel:0950-23-8600
■Chubu Taxi Tel:0950-23-8600 ■Tsuyoshi Taxi Tel:0950-23-8600

Ikitsuki Town Gaspar-sama

Rental bicycles
●Sakamoto Cycle(Sakigatacho)Tel:0950-23-8600 Qty:6 500 yen/1day.
●Ishibashi Cycle(Miyanocho)Tel:0950-23-8600 Qty:6 500 yen/1 day.
●Tawaraya Rentacar(Toishikawacho) Tel:0950-23-3301
Compact cars only / Reservations required / Return with full tank
Tour guidess/Ikitsuki volunteer guides
●Hirado Tourist Tel:0950-22-2015 Fax:0950-22-2015
●Information Center
Fee:1,500 yen /2 hours (reservations two days in advance)

Access to HIRADO

map Interesting spots in the vicinity
Hirado Port Exchange Plaza



Michi-no-Eki"Ikitsuki Ohashi"   Michi-no-Eki"Konchu-no-Sato Tabira"   Tabira Hiradoguchi Station
In the center of downtown Hirado, many tourist facilities are located here.Free parking is available.   A leisure park is located at the end of the ikitsuki Bridge, with a multi-purpose ground, walking paths and a shop for souvenirs.   A popular stop for drives, offering special products from the north of the prefecture,and local agricultual products.Look for the 9-meter tall beetle!   The westernmost rail station in Japan. There is a memorial stone with characters by Fujiura Ko, and a certificate proving you visited is available!