Special Events

For centries the people of Hirado have treasured the blessings of the sun, sea and earth.Festivals and prayers of thanks remain an important part of our lives.

Hirado Jangara (9 city districts)
National intangible cultural property

A harvest dance incorporating a variety of local traditions. The name derives from the “jan” jangling of the gongs and the “gara” of the small drums.

A traditional religious dance, performed with faces hidden.
Hirado Kagura Dance
National intangible cultural property

There are a total of 24 performances in the dance, including musical works and a dance with two naked swords. It describes confrontations between gods and demons, and various legends.

Hirado Kagura Dance
“Crybaby” sumo  <Saikyoji Temple>
Stare me down! Traditions handed dowe to a new generation

There is an old saiying that crying babies grow up healthy, and in this staring ceremony the first one to cry, wins. Held every February 3 at Saikyouji Temple.

“Crybaby” sumo  <Saikyoji Temple>
Tasuke Haiya-bushi Fork Song Tasuke Haiya-bushi Fork Song

The dance spread as a port song originally, with samisen and drum accompaniment.

Oshima Suko Dance Oshima Suko Dance

The dance is said to have been started by the Hirai family, which fled to Suko Village in Saga prefecture from Oshima Island.

Ogita Furyu DanceOgita Furyu Dance

Said to have been started in 1850 in the Ogita district, based on a study of other furyu dances in the area.

Hina Dolls Festival Hina Dolls Festival

Held from March 3 to April 3, dolls are on display through the city, including the Matsura Historical Museum, Hirado Castle and the Hirado shopping arcade. Enjoy a wide range of dolls, from the traditional dolls used by the Mtsura lords to dolls displayed by the general public.

  Event Period Place
Hirado Flounder Festival Early Jan. to early Apr. (Hirado area)Lodding and eating facilities
Kawachi Pass Bum-off Early Feb. (Hirado area)Kawachi Pass
“Crybaby” Sumo Feb.3 (Hirado area)In front of the tower at Saikyoji Temple
Hirado Hot Springs Hina Doll Festival Feb.14 to March.14 (Hirado area)City tourist sports,loading and shopping facilities.
Tabira Camaellia Market Sat. in late Feb. (Tabira area)Tabira Civic Center,Hirado City.
Kigatsu Lantern Festival Early Apr. (Hirado area)Kigatsucho,Hirado City
Hirado Machiya Flower & Lantern Festival Mid-to late Apr. (Hirado area)Sites and shopping facilities throughout the city
Tabira Spring Festival Late Apr. (Tabira area)
Hirado Kaido Dokaijin Festival May 3 to 5 (Hirado area)Hirado Park
Ikitsuki Spring Festival Early May (Ikitsuki area)Throughout
Tachiura Rowing Competition Late July (Ikitsuki area)Around Tachiura fishing port
Zheng Chenggong Festival July 14 (Tabira area)Maruyama Park,Hirado City
Gawappa Festival 2nd Sat.in July (Tabira area)Tabira Civic Center,Hirado City
Hirado Haiya Fujin Festibal(summer) Early Aug. (Hirado area)Hirado Port Exchange Plaza
Tabira Summer Festival Aug.17 (Tabira area)Tabira Port area
Tabira Jangara Aug.14 to 18 (Hirado area)9 districts throughout city
Oshima Summer Fireworks Show Mid-Aug. (Oshima area)Oshima Village
Hirado Haiya Fujin Festival(autumn) Mid-Sept. (Hirado area)Hirado Port Exchange Plaza
Hirado Kunchi Festival Oct.24 to 27 (Hirado area)Kameoka Shrine,Hirado City
Oshima Village Festival Nov. (Oshima area)In front of Oshima office
Ikitsuki Isana Festival Nov. (Ikitsuki area)Fishing port plaza
Tabira Nakaze Grasslands Cross-Country Race 2nd Sun.in Dec. (Tabira area)Nakaze grasslands
Aranabe Festival Mid-Oct. to late Dec.