Enjoy Hirado

Hot Springs

Hirado hot springs sodium carbonate sulfate springs, said to help relieve nervous pain and heal burns. There are lodging facilities throught the city with hot springs, welcoming countless guestes year-round. Hot springs are open to day visitors, too!

Hirado Hot Springs  Arm bath and footbath

Next to the usual footbath is an “arm bath,” unusual even for Japan. it’s a great place to drop by on your way.

Arm bath and footbath
Arm bath and footbath
Oshima Spa Isaribi-no-Sato Oshima Spa Isaribi-no-Sato
A wide array of ways to enjoy yourself

Memorable experiences surrounded by the azure sea and natural beauty.Try your hand at new challenges instead of just enjoying the view,and have fun with family or friends!

Enjoy the ocean!

Hirado is immensely popular for fishing.Take a ride on a real fishing.Take a ride on a real fishing boat and help pull in a fixed net.The fresh-caught fish dance wildly, and introduce the grandeur and excitement of the sea. And because the sea is so beautiful, try making sea salt,too!

Delicious experiences!

Kawachi kamaboko fish cakes, a famous product of Hirado, are made in the same way it was back in the Edo period, still wrapped in clean wheat straw. Begin by dressing your own fish, and grinding it into paste with a mortar and pestle before wrapping it up a wheat straw sheet. You can also learn how to sun-dry fish, and take it with you or eat it on the spot!

Learn about tradition!

Experience the traditional samurai tea ceremony of Hirado. It begins with an explanation of the Chinshin School of tea and a little training, then drink up!

Feel the wind!

Go horse riding for real at Senrigahama. A course is available for firsttimers, too, so everyoune can enjoy themselves.