Hirado City, the Birthplace of Zheng Chenggong, the Hero of Japan and Taiwan

Zheng Chenggong Memorial Museum

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Zheng Chenggong Bunreicho (Tomb)

The spirit of Zheng Chenggong is enshrined here and in Taiwan. This tomb is built on the hilltop overlooking Senrigahama beach, the birthplace of Zheng Chenggong. He is still worshipped as a hero here in the Kawachi Area.

Jitanseki (Birth Stone)

It is said that Zheng Chenggong’s mother suddenly went into labor when she came to Senrigahama beach to pick seashells and leaned on this stone and gave birth to him.

The Birthplace Memorial Stone of Chenggong

In praise of Zheng’s great achievement, Matsuura Hiromu, the 35th lord of Matsuura Clan, ordered Asakawa Zenan, a Confucian in Kyoto, to publish the biography of Zheng (which resulted in a book of about 5,000 characters). There was also a plan to build a memorial stone with sentences taken from the book, but an appropriate stone could not be found. Eventually, after the death of Asakawa, Hayama Gaiken, one of the retainers of Hirado Clan, received an order and built the memorial stone in 1952 with less characters than originally planned.

Matsuura Historical Museum

The museum building was built in 1893 as a mansion of the Matsuura Family and opened as a historical museum in 1955. As the Matsuura Family, which was the master clan of Hirado, dominated the area for about 650 years, a lot of valuable historical materials have been preserved in the area. One section of the museum exhibits some materials related to Zheng Chenggong.