Hirado City, the Birthplace of Zheng Chenggong, the Hero of Japan and Taiwan

Zheng Chenggong Memorial Museum

Zheng Chenggong was a great contributor to the battle against the Qing Dynasty and the Restoration of the Ming Dynasty.
His father was Zheng Zhilong, the leader of a Chinese merchant group and served the Ming Dynasty. His mother was Tagawa Matsu, who was the daughter of a merchant in Nagasaki. He was called Fukumatsu in his childhood and also had a Chinese name, Zheng Sen. As he was later given a name Zhu, the loyal family name of the Ming Dynasty, he was given a nickname Koxinga, which means “the man of the loyal name”.
He longed for the restoration of the Ming Dynasty and fought against the Qing Dynasty until he died of disease. He is well known to Japanese people as a model of the protagonist of a play written by Chikamatsu Monzaemon.
The Zheng Chenggong Memorial Museum was founded to represent the place he was born and grew up for the first seven years of his life, praise his great achievements, and convey it to future generations.

A mountain gate was built on the approaching path to The Zheng Chenggong Memorial Museum. 【Completed September 2016】
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