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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Article 1: Recording of Access Logs

This website records information such as the domain name, IP address, date and time of the user's access as access log information. This information is used only to investigate access conditions and is not disclosed to any third party without due process. Individuals cannot be identified by these records.

Article 2: Handling and Protection of Personal Information

The following is a description of how user information is handled when users search for "Nearby Heritage Sites" with GPS-equipped mobile devices, etc.

Obtained Information

When searching for " Nearby Heritage Sites ", the current location of the user is required, so the location information of the device (GPS, location information using the network) is acquired.

Purpose of use

The purpose of acquiring the data is to display nearby heritage sites and provide a route guidance function using location information.

Method of acquisition

Location information is obtained from the device only when accessing content that requires location information.

External Transmission

Acquired information will be transferred to the server on which this service is installed and used within the scope of the above mentioned purpose.


Please use the service after reading and understanding the contents of this privacy policy.
Please note that the acquisition of location information will be stopped when the user turns off the location information function of the device.